Mixing & MAstering
This is where
This is where
The magic happens
We can show you how to mix your own music or we can mix it for you. 

Mixing is where we perfectly blend and balance the sound all of your instruments and vocals, so your project will have everything it needs for mastering. 

After mixing, we'll give your track industry standard finish that you've come to expect.
Mix clinics
Showing you how to record, mix and master music.
We will show you how to record every different element of a band so that you can capture the unique sound of each member. You will learn how to build harmonies and arrange music. 

For the those looking to produce hip-hop, R&B or electronic music, Mix Clinics are a great place to learn Digital Audio Workstations like Pro Tools, Logic and Ableton.
Take your sound to the next level
We’ll bring your tracks to life by using top-notch mixing techniques on the latest and greatest in gear available. 
Getting your music radio play ready
We have all the tools needed to create the loud, rich sound of today. 

We know how to make your music stand out amongst the rest. 

Karli Whiteman

Mike made it fun. No pressure and adapted to my pace. I highly recommend him. I am back home in Colorado - still taking lessons with him and now finally have the confidence to step out and do some bass solos!!!

Donny P.

Mike is a highly skilled and enthusiastic instructor who works at his students individual pace to maximize his or her's learning and retention. He keeps a professional and clean learning environment and his lessons are fun and engaging.
we'll give you
we'll give you
a radio ready record
It's your name and it's ours, we won't put our name on something that doesn't sound good. We will not let your record leave until we ALL LOVE IT. The quality of your project is our number 1 priority!
Your SOUND is Our #1 Priority...

Let's setup some time to talk about creating world-class mixing and mastering for you projects.  Simply click on the "Let's Talk" button.
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