The sound of Today
We look at music from the ground up. With decades of experience working in every genre, we specialize in not only teaching you how to master an instrument but record mix and master your own music.
"Mike made it fun. No pressure and adapted to my pace..."
Music From the ground up
Music is our passion, we believe in creating amazing music and professional musicians. 
Learn To Play
We teach people how to master their instrument by simplifying complicated concepts so they're easy to digest and apply. Before you know it you'll be the most powerful musician in the room!
Record your music
We've spent decades perfecting tricks and techniques to create ANY sound we're looking for, so we can bring your musical dreams to life!
mix & master it
Mixing and mastering are the final steps to creating a radio ready song. Not only can we mix your tracks for you, we can teach you how during one of our "Mix Clinics"
What Makes us the best
We believe in an all encompassing approach to music. The more a musician knows about the entire process of music production, the better they can do their job. That's why we've developed our unique process!

Artist Development

Our Lessons are customized for the needs and interests of our students. Throughout a strategic process you'll learn music theory relative to your interests and be able apply these concepts to your playing immediately. You'll also learn how to get your foot in the door as a musician in the industry!


Whether you need recording done for your music video or even a commercial, we can do everything here in house! Or if you're interested in learning how record your own music you can step into our state of the art studio and learn firsthand.

Mix Clinics

As we mentioned before, your can step into our studio and learn from the pros. We'll teach you A-Z, everything you need to know from plugging in a microphone to mastering your track. Not interested in learning the process? We'll even take your tracks and mix them for you! 
How we do it
We know firsthand how difficult it can be to find a studio that can help you fulfill your unique musical needs. 
It can be a nightmare trying to find someone who works in multiple genres or even offers an opportunity for you to learn their process. Thats why we've made it as simple as possible:
we'll define your session
The first step is contacting us at the studio! From there we'll develop a unique strategy for your project and make sure you get exactly what you're looking for!
We'll get started
Our studio is by appointment only. So once your needs are defined, we'll book a session and get started immediately! 
We'll deliver
We pour one hundred precent of our passion into every one of our projects whether its getting something done for you or teaching you how to do it yourself!
who comes to our studio


We can teach you how to play the guitar, bass, drums or even the ukulele. Whatever your interested in learning, together we'll build the most efficient lesson plan that will take from novice to professional.

Engineers/ Producers

Whether you want to be a club banging producer or engineering chart topping pop tracks you can step into our studio, look over our shoulder and learn hands on from the pros. 


Do you feel like the lonely artist? Are you missing a band? We can help you create and copyright your music, fill in the gaps, show you how to network in the community and live your dream. 

Post Production Sound

From scoring film to dialog replacement, we specialize in bringing stunning visual image to life with our post production sound. 
some of our work
Below we wanted to give you some examples of work we've done in the past that shows you our versatility in tackling projects. 
Hotline Bling Rock Cover
This is our rendition of Hotline bling, written and produced by Mike McConaghy
Chris O "For What"
Mixed & mastered at Eravox Studios
KKO Productions
This commercial needed sound effects editing, music editing, automated dialog replacement, mixing and mastering.
Student Work
Ryan F.
Nick P.

Christopher "Prafess" McCall

"The sample packs are legit! The snares, claps and kicks slap hard!"

Donny P.

Mike is a highly skilled and enthusiastic instructor who works at his students individual pace to maximize his or her's learning and retention. He keeps a professional and clean learning environment and his lessons are fun and engaging.

Want to start Learning NOw?
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Frequently Asked Questions
How long does it take to finish a song?
Depending on what kind of an artist you are, a finished song can take 3 -10 hours. If you are only looking to record vocals to an instrumental, we can have a radio ready mastered track finished within 3-4 hours. 

If you’re a band looking to record , mix and master a song, that can easily take at least 8 hours. We’d start by recording some scratch guitar tracks to record over. if you already have them, that will speed up the process. Next, we would record each member of the band until we have everyone.
 Do you have to be local?
Absolutely not! We work with bands and artists all over the world. If you’re looking to master a instrument, we offer our Artist Development Program online. 

If you are looking to have your music mixed or mastered, we can walk you through how to properly send us all of your files and we will return our finished work to you.
 Do I need my own instrument?
No, we have everything you need at the studio. We can even assist you in finding the perfect instrument.
How many music lessons will I need?
The amount of lessons a student needs is based upon prior knowledge and experience, how much they practice and their goals as a musician. Our Artist Development Program is designed to build a professional musician in the most fun and efficient way. 
 How do I pick the perfect instrument?
Traditionally, people will often say, “You should start off learning the piano.”, or “Guitar player’s have to start on the acoustic guitar.” We believe that you should start on the instrument that you dream of playing. Choosing an instrument you are deeply interested in will make the learning process much easier. To help you decide, we offer lessons on multiple instruments to all of our students.
 How much per session?
We charge clients either per hour or per day(s), depending on the project. For more information rates please contact us at, so we can discuss the details of your project.
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