Frequently Asked Questions
 How long does it take to finish a song?
Depending on what kind of an artist you are, a finished song can take 3 -10 hours. If you are only looking to record vocals to an instrumental, we can have a radio ready mastered track finished within 3-4 hours. 
 Do you have to be local?
Absolutely not! We work with bands and artists all over the world. If you’re looking to master a instrument, we offer our Artist Development Program online. 

If you are looking to have your music mixed or mastered, we can walk you through how to properly send us all of your files and we will return our finished work to you.
 Do I need my own instrument?
No, we have everything you need at the studio. We can even assist you in finding the perfect instrument.
How many music lessons will I need?
The amount of lessons a student needs is based upon prior knowledge and experience, how much they practice and their goals as a musician. Our Artist Development Program is designed to build a professional musician in the most fun and efficient way. 
 How do I pick the perfect instrument?
Traditionally, people will often say, “You should start off learning the piano.”, or “Guitar player’s have to start on the acoustic guitar.” We believe that you should start on the instrument that you dream of playing. Choosing an instrument you are deeply interested in will make the learning process much easier. To help you decide, we offer lessons on multiple instruments to all of our students.
 How much per session?
We charge clients either per hour or per day(s), depending on the project. For more information rates please contact us at, so we can discuss the details of your project.
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