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     People will often underestimate how much money goes into making a hit song. Some artists will put millions of dollars into making their albums. Like the band Korn spent $4M on their album “Untouchables'' in 2002 and in 1987 Guns N’ Roses spent $13M on “Chinese Democracy”. Don't worry, you don't have to spend millions of dollars on making a good album, but remember there is a lot that goes into making your music, and all of us at Eravox Studios want to make sure you are prepared for what will be needed.
     When you are recording you will be singing your song multiple times to get the right harmonies, ad libs, and doubles. It will take multiple takes, so make sure you are prepared to spend time recording. Sometimes it may feel like your song is ready after a little bit of mixing, but you don't want your song to sound smaller and not as loud as the song that plays after yours. So remember, it wouldn't be a bad idea to have your mix engineer spend the time needed to mix your tracks.
      After the song is finished you should look into getting a music video made. You can hire camera operators and editors to create the best video for your song. There are other alternatives to a music video like lyric videos and even a video with just the album cover. Just don't be shy, let the world know that you have a song that's getting ready to get released! Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and other social media platforms are great ways to promote your account. Before social media platforms artists would make flyers and put them up and hand them out everywhere they can. Just because we have modern technology, does not mean flyering is a bad idea. Go get some business cards or flyers made, they are very inexpensive and very impactful. Guitar Centers often have a bulletin board for flyers and business cards. So your promotion will be seen by other musicians just like you! 
      Is it possible to make a successful album without spending millions of dollars? Of course, it is very important to have a set budget. In this budget you should give some breathing room in case you need more funds you did not plan for. You do not have to spend millions or even hundreds of thousands, so don't be scared of starting the process and investing in your future. Planning budgets and a schedule are two easy steps to getting yourself on the right path. You will never know the full potential of you and your music if you don't fully invest in yourself. If you need help along the way don't be shy, ask questions. You can even find help on google and youtube. 

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Chester Bennington of Linkin Park once said “Creativity is too big to be put in a box” 

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Linkin Park
Music is a great way to express your thoughts, lifestyle, and emotions. We live in an amazing time in the music where everyone has access to whatever music they like, everywhere they go. This is opening the door to so many artists who are coming up with new styles of music. 

Chester Bennington of Linkin Park once said “Creativity is too big to be put in a box” along with “Inspiration is too big to come from one source.” Those statements explain why there are so many new styles of music being made. In Linkin Park's case, they have influences in Metal, hip hop, turntables, and many more. They took all their inspirations and brought them into one. No being put into a “box” which in this case would be a genre. Linkin Park, Highly Suspect, Lady Gaga, Fall Out Boy, Katy Perry, Machine Gun Kelly have all dabbled into multiple genres. 

Artists have so many fans pressuring them to keep making the same album. With Fall Out Boy, original fans want them to make songs like in the From Under The Cork Tree era. People want Lady Gaga to be more like her in 2008. Linkin Park gets pressured to make songs like the Hybrid Theory albums. The average age of the members in Fall Out Boy is 38, for Linkin Park it is 42. 

These guys were in their 20s when their debut albums came out. They have different lives than they did 20 years ago. Along the way they get more inspirations, with that comes new music taste. All the artists are growing in age, maturity, and skill. In order for them to continue to love what they do they have to change it up sometimes. 

Next time one of your favorite artists starts to try to experiment in different genres, let it excite you that your favorite artist is growing as a person and expressing themselves and their growth. 
AC/DC is known as one of the biggest metal bands in history

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AC/DC is known as one of the biggest metal bands in history. With their least selling album being the soundtrack for Iron Man 2 going gold, they hope to top their most recent album in 2014 titled “Rock or Bust” which also went gold but, yet to hit the platinum mark. 

The band announced early morning on October 5th, 2020 after a few teasers that their new single “Shot in The Dark” will be coming out on October 7th, 2020. Although it's unlikely for this new album to go 50x platinum like “Back in Black” but, with old fashion styles and records coming back I don't think the album will be low selling. 

AC/DC was seen not too long ago going to the studio with all the original members. Of course due to the passing of Malcolm Young in Australia in November of 2017 after years of Dementia, AC/DC needs a new guitarist. The band did not have to look far for their new guitarist, they went with Malcolms nephew Stevie Young. 

The band has not announced when their new album “PWR UP” will be coming out but, we do know Brian Johnson will be back on vocals after his hiatus from the band during their “Rock or Bust” tour due to hearing problems. Axl Rose of Guns N Roses took his spot for the remainder of that tour, but Axl will not be on the “PWR UP” album.

It will be interesting to see what will be happening with this new album and if there will be a tour for the album, as of now we are left in the dark until “Shot in The Dark” comes out.
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