If you're an aspiring musician...Artist Development is what you're looking for.  Here at 
Eravox Studios, we have instructors and music environment that helps you with mastering your instrument, finding YOUR sound and showing you how to use what you've learned. 
Confidence In Any Musical Environment
We tailor the lesson plans to your goals and timeline.  

We'll teach you how to build a dedicated and efficient practice that will grow your skills as a musician.
Create A Sound People Will Recognize 
Guiding you to find the perfect instrument to create the sound that defines who you are as a musician. 

We have instructors that cover drums, bass, guitar, piano, vocals and so much more. 
Be A Respected Professional 
Many artists unknowingly overlook the importance of etiquette, this makes it hard to balance the dynamics within a professional band.  

You will learn how to properly communicate with band mates, event managers and others who are involved, making it easy to work through every day obstacles bands are bound to encounter!
From Coffee Shops to Venues
Teaching you how to take what you've learned and use it to find other musicians to jam with further hone their skills. 

It's time to show the world your sound and share your skills with fellow music lovers.  

We'll help you every step of the way!

Karli Whiteman

Mike made it fun. No pressure and adapted to my pace. I highly recommend him. I am back home in Colorado - still taking lessons with him and now finally have the confidence to step out and do some bass solos!!!

Donny P.

Mike is a highly skilled and enthusiastic instructor who works at his students individual pace to maximize his or her's learning and retention. He keeps a professional and clean learning environment and his lessons are fun and engaging.
There's a Package
For everyone
We care about creating well rounded musicians that can contribute their masterpieces to the world! Each artist is unique and that's why we create a game plan that is specific to each artist.
Time To Get Started
Let's setup some time to talk and get to know what you want to accomplish with your music.

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